27 02 2012

I really try to keep my mouth shut and not be too opinionated.  But I am, so there!  Anyway, today I was trying to watch the television news and they came on with whatever the children are supposed to eat today. Now, I have studied in depth all there is to know about good eating habits and optimal health benefits and all that good and wonderful stuff.   And I can tell you from my expert advice that no one knows what really makes up a good diet.  That depends upon the person and how much he eats and when he eats and all his heredity, etc.  So, I really do try not to intervene much.  Most people would not understand all that.

But — now we are being told how to feed our children.  And this is being done by the latest in experts.  Whoever they are.  But the children are the victims of this latest craze.    Not only are we being told what to eat, but our government is telling us what light bulb to use.  And this is only the beginning.  With the price of gasoline now, they are in that way already  telling us how far we can drive and next will be what we can wear and how we can walk or talk.  As I said, this is only the beginning.

Pay attention when you vote this year.  It is extremely important that you not follow the latest fad or the latest interest.  Keep your mind open and learn from all the rhetoric.  The media will do all they can to convince you to vote for the Democrats.  For one thing, they provide more and better news.  Just look at the past and you will see that.  Newspapers and magazines are full of stories about the latest problem with a Democrat somewhere.

Now, of course, they are hyping up the story about the birth control.  No one is telling anyone what to do with regard to that.  But the news media is already blaming the Catholic Church and Bishops and anyone else who comes down that pike.  They are harping on the birth control when the real problem is the fact that the government is trying to tell us how to live once again.  I thought we the people were the government.  What happened to that one.

Value your vote.  Vote for a Republican, no matter who it is this year.  I would vote for Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck myself if they were Republicans.  Would be better than the government constantly telling us what to do and how to live.  Pay attention!!!  Very important!!!