20 02 2012

Towards the end of the 1950’s, we had everything going our way.   Progress was in the air for everyone.  And everyone seemed to be pretty happy in their lives.  We were all saving a dab here and there in our Christmas Club Accounts in order to have a great Christmas again this year.  Catalogs for purchases were beginning to be used more by more and more families.  Those brand new cake mixes came out.  Ladies were hired to canvas the neighborhoods and urge the mothers to try out those new cake mixes.  A lady came to my door and gave me 2 new mixes.  All I had to do was bake the cakes and use the icings she brought and then she would come back another day and see what I thought about it.  What fun!  Of course with a houseful of kids, I was glad to bake two cakes that week.  And they ate every single bite.  It was so easy.  I had always had to make cakes from scratch which was a big job.  Just imagine – a cake mix in a box.  Hot Dog!

B y this time, we had had a Democratic President for a very long time.  FDR  was the President almost all my life, from 1933 to 1945.  He died right at the end of World War II. Then Harry Truman as the Vice President took over and he was a pretty good President considering what he faced at that time.  The War was almost over and Truman made an urgent plea for Japan to surrender.  Of course they refused and that was when Truman ordered the atomic bombs to be dropped.  A lot of people to this day think that was the wrong decision, but it was not.  It was the only one that could have been made.  Too many men on both sides had already died.  It was time to be through with that War forever.  And with all wars.

But of course that did not happen.  Next, we had to put up with the Korean problems.  It always seemed to me that it was like two children drawing a line in the sand and saying – ‘This is my property.  Don’t cross that line.’  Of course nothing about the Korean Conflict was that simple.   But it was another War that no one wanted.  Truman won a second term and then did not seek re-election the next time.

This time in 1953, we had Dwight Eisenhower, the War hero as the winner.  We all wore our ‘I Like Ike’ pins and he was handily elected to the office. He was a Republican and most people were very happy to have him in the White House.  His promises made a lot of sense and he served two terms.  He was a pretty good President on most issues.  He did create the Dept. of Health, Education and Welfare.  Not so sure about that one.

He also conquered the City of Little Rock, Arkansas in 1957 and I most definitely am not so sure about that one.  We had the huge integration crisis at the local high school and Ike sent in the crack 101st Airborne Troops.  You know, those are the ones who conquer cities with their tanks.  Well, those tanks rolled into Little Rock and sat at the high school for weeks.  And the story that the media put out was simply not the real story of that situation.

If you would like to read that true and real story, you might want to purchase my book entitled The Real Story.  It is available on Amazon or from me.  Just send your check or money order to BET,   P.O. Box 2249, Benton, AR  72018.  Price is $10 plus $2 postage making a grand total of $12 per each book.  Or you can purchase any three of my books for $25 plus $5 for the postage, making that a grand total of $30.

Meanwhile, back in the neighborhood, the children were growing and those dark clouds were getting darker.   The next few years would be very interesting.




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