19 02 2012

By now in the 1950’s, we were beginning to see the first real split in the family unit.  For, not only were the children running the family, but there was so much outside interference, too.

The schools were transgressing into the family unit in various ways.   It was time for things to begin to change to give all our children a better education.   I’m still waiting for that one to materialize.  Before this time, we all learned reading, writing, and arithmetic on a regular basis.  Everyone knew what each year taught and we were all satisfied with that.  Now, things were confused and children were being taught in different and not so successful ways.

And then, the workplace started doing things a little differently.  After the big War, the advertising business blossomed and between that and the television sets, the family had become more open to the outside world.  Instead of being a close knit unit, it was beginning to become just another part of the world around us.  Everyone said the same things, everyone did the same things, everyone wore the same things, and  the power lunches and cocktail parties were a big part of the business world these days.  I cannot really imagine why as I never knew of much being accomplished when people were a little tipsy after a martini lunch or  a standing room only cocktail party.

Not only that, but the businesses started sending their executives all over the country and in some instances, all over the world.  If you were successful, you were going to move.  The business needed you in a new and ever expanding business world.  Some families moved numerous times. As their children grew older, they left children all over the country because that is where their roots were and their friends were and that is where their job was or their college was.  It was a disaster for the family unit.  Also, as the families were moved around, they dropped their extended family.  It had always been true before that a family had branches all nearby.  If you needed help, Aunt someone would come and babysit or help you out.  Or if financial help was needed, you could plan on Uncle somebody coming to the rescue.  Not true anymore.  Some children never even saw their grandparents.   This was also disruptive to the family unit.

And now, with all the hoopla about the women needing to go out into the big bad world and get a job, the family unit got even worse.  No longer could the mother know that she would be there when school was out.  Or that she could take care of her pre-schooler.  So, guess what!  After -school care and pre-school care became available.  As the years passed, everyone could find someone to take care of their children.  Thus, the mother was no longer needed at home.  And, as time went on, too, the government started paying some of the costs for this care for those working mothers.

So the children were pretty much raising themselves or being raised by someone who was not a member of the immediate family.  Wonder who would raise your children.  Certainly not those who were intended to do so.  God must have had that all wrong.  He didn’t know what He was doing I guess.  Sort of like the breast feeding of those babies.  Someone else always knew better.  And the children paid the price.

A lot of the fathers were salesmen during this time.  And a great number of them traveled on a regular basis.  This was the way it was done back then.  Father got in his car on Monday morning and didn’t come home again until Friday afternoon.  So, Mother and children were truly on their own.  Of course Father was making an enormous amount of money these days, but then he had to have a good car all the time, too.  And not all businesses provided for that.  And he spent his nights alone in a motel room.  Watching that television most of the time.  And Mother was home trying to catch up each evening after her day at work.   And the children were watching that television set, too.  Such was life.

As salaries and commissions rose, so did the price of all goods.  As once was said, ‘Expenses always rise to meet income’.  And that is so very true.  Mother had an automatic washer now and a dryer and a dishwasher because she couldn’t possibly do all that work and have an outside job, too.  So more money was spent.  And she didn’t have much time for ironing so most of the clothes went to the cleaners.  Pretty soon, all her paycheck was spent in order for her to afford to go to work.  In the business world, she had to have more money, so this meant that in order to pay her more money, the price of goods had to be raised.  But everyone was going to have that good life, just as soon as they could find out where it was or even what it was.

Our families really need Your Help, Dear God.