17 02 2012

Time progressed in the 50’s  and we had more and more expert opinions from those who knew everything about raising children – although some had never had any of those children themselves.  And the mothers of  those  baby boomers were eating up that advice.  As for me and my husband, we didn’t have the money to buy the books and that was probably one of the best things that ever happened to us.  In fact, I can remember some of my acquaintances being appalled that I did not have that absolutely necessary book about how to raise babies.  But I had common sense and that was more important than anything else.

As those babies grew up, they made demands upon their parents that had never been heard of before.  Every toy that was shown on the television set was demanded by the child.   Even clothing was subjected to their immature demands.   The children learned very quickly that if they did not get their way about everything, they would show their immature temper.  And so, as time progressed, the babies became more and more in charge of the family life and the home and everything related to it.  These children also began to make demands upon our country and society in general. And, as could only be expected, everything went to trouble in a hurry.   Remember, they are not supposed to be in charge of anything, but they made themselves the boss and everyone just went along with the flow.  No one would dare cross them for fear of that awful temper tantrum they could have.  OOOOh!    But remember, this is still only a child and no one should ever be afraid of what he can do. But as they grew up , more and more people were afraid and would not cross them on any subject. Every whim was satisfied.  And there was never quite enough of anything to truly satisfy them.  Thus, the family was affected more and more each day.  The more the children  were given, the more they wanted.

As the mother tried to control her home, she met with more and more problems.  As the father tried to recoup his position in his household, he was ridiculed on every front.  Why, even that funny, funny television show depicted the mother as a real bimbo who could not make a rational decision. And the father was the real butt of the jokes.  Everything he said and did was laughed at .   He was depicted as the clown of the family. Everyone laughed.  Only it was not really very funny.  For as those children watched, they came to believe that they were truly in charge.  Without them, the world would fall apart because their parents were such imbeciles.  And everyone laughed even more.

When the children reached an age when they could demand their own independent life, they did just that.  So, not only did they cause problems at home, but they also caused lots and lots of problems in the public domain.

As the 50’s moved on, those young people became more of a problem.  Now, they were telling the whole country how to live and what we should all expect.  But, after all, what can you expect when they have been in charge since the age of 2.  And they had found that no one dared to stop them on any subject.  Remember, they had been given everything their little hearts desired.  No matter what the cost, that darlin’ was entitled to it.  Even allowances were given in larger and larger amounts although nothing was done to earn those allowances. So the child had more money to spend every day.  And he was told constantly to spend it on himself because he deserved it all.  He was entitled to this wonderful life although he had done nothing to earn any of it.  Why, if he needed more money, the parents wee obligated to give it to him.  That’s what the child experts were preaching.  Give to the child.  Make him happy, no matter what. That child must be happy over and above everything else.

Meanwhile, the mother was being told she needed to get out of that house and be important.  So she was going back to school and getting a job just as soon as possible.  And the father was finding that no one really cared what he did as long as he brought in enough money to cover all those bills and provide for that luxurious life his younger person expected and was entitled to.  As the mother and  father worked constantly, there was less and less family time.  But who cared .  There was almost no family anyway.  Mother and father were gone all the time pursuing their individual lives.  Children were left to their own ways and to ‘do their own thing’.  Such was life during those years. Dear GOD, YOU will have to help us. No one else can.





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