15 02 2012

YOU know that YOU are the only ONE who really can help us at this time.  And we definitely need lots and lots of help this year.  We have taken some really wrong roads over the last few decades and have not been able to see the right way to walk anymore.  So, Please, Please help us.

In the 1950’s, life was pretty nice, at least in the early part of that decade.  But there were so many upward changes taking place.  I think we just sort of lost our way before the 1960’s arrived.  In the 1950’s, we had nice families, quiet and safe neighborhoods.  Why, our children could play all over for blocks around and we never had to worry about someone snatching them away or mistreating them.   Children were allowed to be children and to grow up in a nice atmosphere.

And the mothers were home taking care of their children and their husbands.  They were cleaning house and cooking and generally being in charge of the moral atmosphere of that home.  And they made that house a home every day for everyone in their family.   It was a good life.  It was a good time for most.

And the husbands, men of the family, were out making a living for everyone.  They were not expected to be a mother and father at the same time.  They were allowed to be the head of the household and the breadwinner for the family.  That was the way it was supposed to be.

But then, the television took over and presented a new way of life for everyone.  That, too, was nice.  After the dishes were done and the children were bathed, we  all had our family time at night before the boob tube and enjoyed being together.  It was a good time for all.  That television really didn’t make that much of a dent in family life – at first.  In my house, my husband shined his shoes for the next morning and the kids played at our feet while we watched the latest hit show.

The newscasts were really interesting every evening and every morning.  Those newsmen had to come up with more and more news to satisfy the demand.  And so then, they started with the opinion news.  Since we now had a ‘show’ to watch every morning and every evening along with the news time, there was more and more time to be filled.  So, the newscasters began to give their side of the story, no matter what the story was.  And people really didn’t mind that much, either.  It was good to get an opinion on a big story and then have time to think that through.

Of course, people began to talk about how much time the children were watching the television and this disturbed some, but it was not a big thing in my house. The children watched the main children’s shows for an hour or so and then it was time to turn it off and get busy for the day.   They always had a toy box full of toys and friends in the neighborhood and all those other important things to do as they grew up.   And they were not expecting me to entertain them for the day either.  They were quite capable of happily entertaining themselves.

But then time began to march just a little faster.  It seemed like we were all moving in double time.  Some things were just getting out of hand.

I remember that big hoopla about the Report on the sexual habits of adults at the time.  Everyone was really tuned in to that one.  And the newsmen harped on that issue for months.  Seems that everyone and I do mean everyone in the country was having an affair, at least one and maybe more.  Of course that was not true and it was discredited many years later.  But meanwhile, it had opened some doors that were meant to remain shut.

And this is only the beginning of the changes in our lives.  So, Dear God, I’m asking you to please help us to find the right road back to sanity.  Help us to return to the kind of life we should have.  Thank You, Dear God.  I know YOU will help us.




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