13 02 2012

Out here in my world it is time for the Annual Frozen Daffodil Festival.  This phrase was not coined by me but by a columnist in one of our local newspapers many years ago.  And it is so true.  Of course we don’t really have a festival, but we sure have the frozen daffodils.

Every year it is the same.  We have this Springtime right in the middle of the winter months.   The temperature will hover around 60 for about 10 days and all the flowers begin to think Spring has arrived early.  A Crocus pops its head up with a tiny yellow bloom.  The Daffodils come up in all their lovely glory and soon we have yards full of the beautiful yellow flowers.  And then sometimes we also have trees that would like to bloom with buds showing everywhere.  And just the other day, I saw a Hyacinth come up in my own flower garden. Today, an Azalea had one bud on it that was open enough to see the color.

And then, then, then, we have a cold snap that zaps everything in sight.  The Daffodils are standing upright being held that way by the snow at their feet.  The snow is covering all but the yellow flowers  blooming above the white snow.  The trees are drooping with the ice that has formed on their branches.  And the Crocus blooms have all but disappeared.  Can’t find the Hyacinth under that snow. And that poor Azalea is drooping big time.

So, it has arrived once again.  Our Annual Frozen Daffodil Festival.  If we are lucky, the cold snap will disappear as quickly as it came and the flowers will once again be blooming every day.  Have to wait and see.  If the weather takes a turn for the freezer, then everything will finally droop away.  Hope Spring does come soon.  Enough of this false hope and wishing for those flowers.  We just try to enjoy them when and for as long as we can here in the middle of Winter.

Happy Spring already!