10 02 2012

I have heard this rhetoric about the class warfare until I am nauseated by it all.  What in the world is going on here.  I thought everyone knew what the American Dream was all about.  It is the opportunity to have our own life and do whatever we think we can to have a better life.  My parents always said that every generation wanted to make America better for the next generation.   They wanted their children to do better than they did.  They wanted those opportunities to be there for all their children and grandchildren to come.  That is the American Dream.  That was the plan before the idiots decided to mess it all up with their agenda.

Now, we can’t find the plan under all that rubbish of theirs.  They are so busy killing the babies and trying to save the dogs, cats, lizards, horses, and other related animals that it is hard to see what is going on in this world.  And they want to tell all of us that we can’t use electricity nor gasoline, nor anything else they have deemed sacred.  As I said, what in the world is going on here.  Why is anyone listening to any of them.

They have never lived the American Dream so they don’t even know what they are talking about.  The only things they have done is to go to school if made to, graduated because they were made to, go to college because someone made them, and then tell all the rest of us how to live.

It must be time to tell them all how to live. To tell them to get a job and enter the American Dream world.   They, too, can have the opportunity for a better life.  They just have to get cleaned up, dressed up, and go apply for a job.  It is past time for them.  The world is passing them up every day.

No one can squash the American Dream of those who really have it in our mind, soul, and heart.  That Dream will be there forever.  We all know what a precious commodity that Dream is.  We are the only place in this whole wide world where we can actually, truly, absolutely make that Dream come true if we are willing to work for it.  So get out and get your own Dream.  That is always free to each and every American.  To pursue his own Dream wherever and whenever he wants to.

That is the true Great American Dream.



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