8 02 2012

Right after Christmas, a lady ordered 6 of my wonderful books.  I put them in a box, labeled them and rushed to the UPS Store to mail.  I came home, put the receipt for the mailing in my drawer and went on about my business.  Well, this week, she wrote and asked if I had ever gotten the order.  I looked up the receipt and explained when I had mailed them and they should have arrived.  She wrote back that perhaps they were under the 3 feet of snow on her front porch and she would look later.   She would let me know.

Today, I sat down at the computer to put the tracking numbers in so I could make sure the books were delivered.  And guess what – – – I could not find that dumb, stupid receipt.  I have looked everywhere.  I am working on taxes right now so it could be in that pile – over there.  Or, it could be in the pile of blogs I intend to write sometime when I get around to it – that one over here.  OR  it could be on my desk along with that other pile of important papers that I am going to take care of just as soon as I get through with the tax papers and the blogs I am going to write some day.  OR  it could have been shredded up last night when I was catching up on all the shredding I needed to have done right after Christmas.  OR  it could  be over there with all those coupons that I am going to look at just as soon as I get through with these other piles -= you know, the ones right here.  OR it could have been mailed to someone, somewhere, when I wrote those checks the other day and put them in envelopes and mailed them out.  Sure makes you wonder sometimes.  Wonder who might get it, I mean.

I just cannot imagine where that stupid, dumb, idiotic receipt has gone to.  Maybe it just walked away.  You know, when we are not looking sometimes, those papers do just walk away.  I have known that to happen now and then, well you know, frequently.  Now and then.  I remember that happening sometimes.

Meanwhile, I think I will go fix a cup of tea and have a cookie and try and try to remember what I was doing last night when that dumb, dUmB  DUMB paper walked away.  Probably have to send those books again.  Wait and see.  Maybe that idiotic paper will walk right back up before then.  Or I might get it in the mail from someone that I accidently sent it to.  That would be exciting.  Something to look forward to besides those taxes and those other things in that pile – you know, the one right over there.



One response

11 02 2012
ann gray carpenter

The books came.The PO must be using pony express these days ,but they got here. The date they were post marked was Jan 23 so it took 17 days– so much for the PO. At least they are here and I can send them out for gifts.
I know they will be greatly enjoyed, and I might say educational for my children. Thanks for checking–I hope it didn’t give you too much heartburn when we thought they were lost. love, ann

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