7 02 2012

Since I wrote about jobs before, thought I would just continue that.  As I said, I definitely agree that not everyone needs to go to college.  There are lots and lots of opportunities in this world for anyone who really wants to work.

Examples:  My friend had children who grew up as children will do, you know.  She was bored at home and wanted to go to work doing something, but had no actual working skills.  She had been out of the job market for a very long time.  She opted to attend a nearby Community College and got a degree in nursing in a two year program.  Now has a very nice job in a nursing home and dearly loves it.  See, even an older person can do all this. And she said there were people older than her attending the classes.

The so-called Blue Collar Worker makes a lot of money in most fields.  With years of experience, he can draw more than that college educated whiz bang.

That Blue Collar Worker may be a machinist drawing an average salary of $75,000 annually.  Or he may be working in the oil or gas fields drawing even more than that.  The new machinery makes it mandatory for on-the-job training.  Although the job may   include engineering or geometry or even cutting tool technology, all this can be learned at a Vocational Technical School. See if you can find one in your area and check it out.

Auto companies are hiring again, too.  There are numerous openings in the auto industry both on the factory level and on the local level.  Not everyone can or will work on  automobiles of today.  These are highly skilled jobs now.  So are airplane and agricultural mechanics and all are in much demand. Even printers are highly skilled now.  And that field offers on the job training for most.  Same with pipe fitters and earth moving workers.  There are opportunities everywhere.

So, take that step and look for a Vocational Technical School or a Community College in your area.  You can learn a skill in a fairly short period of time.  And at a much lower cost than a regular college.

Remember, those Blue Collar Workers are the ones who are making the big bucks these days.  Everyone always needs electricians, plumbers, factory workers, and mechanics.  Check into it and get on with your life.  If you are willing to work and learn a skill and stay with a job, you can have a good salary and live a good, debt free life.  As a Blue Collar Worker.  It is a very good life these days.




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