6 02 2012

Look at those Occupiers on  your TV screen.  Those are the ones who did not know how to present themselves when they applied for a job – if they ever did anywhere, anytime.

Not only did they not know how to comb their hair, but they also did not know they were supposed to take a bath and put on clean clothes.  Hopefully, they will remember to brush their teeth and make that smile as nice as possible.

Most of them need to get a haircut, too.  And they might remember that pony tails on men went out of style a long, long time ago.  And women are expected to keep their hair out of their eyes.   No one can work if their hair is hanging over their eyes.  With their hair hanging over their eyes, they probably cannot even see to fill out the application properly.  It is very necessary that a person write legibly, carefully filling out each line the way it should be.

If a person really wants to get a job, there are lots and lots of jobs out there.  Some fields are literally begging for help.

But someone who is satisfied to sleep on the concrete with the rats crawling around them is not ever going to get a job.  Anyone can see that.  Anyone except them that is.  And they are still hollering loud and clear along with the chanting and singing and guitar playing and bonfires and marching, that there are no jobs out there.  But there are.

A person just has to make himself presentable and then present himself to an employer and assure that employer that he really wants a job and WILL work.  That is the key. A person has to be ready and willing to work at the job before he is going to be given that opportunity.

Try it and see.  If you want a job, then go get one.  It is really that simple.  Just present yourself and go to work!




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