4 02 2012

With a little background here, I have had false teeth since I was much younger.  At that time, false teeth was the automatic answer if you had bad teeth. And believe me, I had really, really bad teeth.  I had spent many a day and night crying with tooth aches in my early life.  My family had taken and sent me to the dentist almost weekly for as long as I could remember.  And when I was old enough to pay for my own teeth, I was more than happy to buy a set of false teeth.

So, to get to my story, several years ago, I was out sweeping the garage on a beautiful fall afternoon.  I was just sweeping away and having a really good time at it.  Next thing I knew, I tripped over the broom and lost my balance and ended up out in the middle of the garage floor.  And boy, did that ever hurt.  That broom didn’t help me at all when I tried to hang onto it.  To make a very long story short, I was taken to  the hospital with several broken bones.

After two operations, I was pretty groggy.  I remember waking up or trying to wake up several different times only to fall asleep again.  One of my sons had been taking good care of me and I can see him now sitting in the chair at the foot of my bed watching over me.  But when I finally woke up all the way, I did not see him anywhere.

I called for someone and a nurse appeared.  I told her I was finally awake and I needed my false teeth.  She started looking and she looked and looked again everywhere imaginable. Then she called for help and other nurses started looking, too.  They called the recovery room and my teeth were nowhere to be found.  Those teeth  were not clacking anywhere in the hospital.

Then they called my husband and he didn’t know where they were either.  Now, this was getting serious.  I needed to drnk water and eat something and talk right and all those things we all take for granted.  And I couldn’t do anything  without my now very necessary false teeth.  Someone then remembered that my son had been with me and he had finally gone home to get some rest.  No one wanted to call and bother him for now.  He had been very tired when he left the hospital.

But after another short while, someone did call him.   Well, seems after some thinking,  he did remember where my teeth were.   He remembered that for safe keeping, he put them in a very safe place.

He had put them in his pocket!   And there they were, safe as could be.    Another thing to laugh about sometimes to brighten another day.