30 01 2012

With one of the gift certificates I got for Christmas from my children, I  bought an American Flag.  It wasn’t expensive and is truly beautiful.  It is now hanging on my house and I am so proud every time I see it blowing in the wind.  I am proud to be a citizen of the wonderful United States of America and I find myself singing the National Anthem at times.

I have traveled all over the world and no one, anyone,  anywhere has the wonderful life that we as American citizens enjoy.  Why do you think all those aliens want to come here?  It is because we have the very best life in the world.  I don’t see anyone leaving to go anywhere else.  Never has been the case.  We have the greatest opportunities offered to common man anywhere in the world.  It is up to us to take advantage of those opportunities by working hard and building a decent life.

We can choose to be a baker or a typist or a writer or a machinist or a bus driver or anything else we might decide  suits our talents.   And everyone has talents, you know.  We  just have to learn to recognize them and feed and water them a little over the years and Bingo!  we have a job that suits us just fine. May not be the president of a bank or a securities whiz, but it will be a job we are proud of and one we can enjoy all the days of our working lives.

I do not understand why people complain about this country or anything in it. It is truly wonderful here!  Every time I land in the United States whether it is Los Angeles, or Atlanta or New York, I am filled with pride that I am a citizen here.  This is my country!  This is my home.  I truly love my country.  And I Thank God every day that I was born here.  What a wonderful blessing!

Now, if all the idiots in Washington will just leave it alone, we can all have a wonderful life in this great country of ours.  Hooray!  Gotta’ go look at my flag again.  It is so pretty.



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