25 01 2012

I was just wondering if anyone has thought the subject of traditional marriage all the way through.  We all know that God created man and woman.  Everyone should know this story.  If not, read it in the Bible in the first part of Genesis.  We all belong to God, like it or not.  It is a fact.   No one but God can create man and woman.  Period.

So, then the devil comes along and causes all the problems that we still face today.  This, also, is very well known.  The devil wants to and strives to discredit and actually win over God.  This has been his plan forever.  If he can destroy this humanity that God created, then he will win over God.

Now, we have the issue of homosexuality.  Did it ever occur to anyone that the destruction of traditional marriage between one man and one woman would also result in the loss of humanity?  Without the one man and one woman of traditional marriage, there will be no children.  This will result in the devil winning  over God.  The devil will  destroy all that God created.  The devil will destroy the procreation of all humanity.  No children, no people, no man and woman, no God’s  world.

Think I will stick with the one man, one woman of traditional marriage.  Certainly makes more sense to me.  I don’t want to live in a world that belongs to the devil.  I want to continue to live in God’s world.