20 01 2012

Just let things get to going really good and some idiot comes along and tries to ‘fix’ it.  Always.  Just like this bill that was in all the news this week about the piracy on the internet.   Leave it alone!  The internet is working just fine!  Leave it alone!  We all enjoy it and everyone seems to benefit from it.  Leave it alone!

Here goes this 99% thing again.   The figures are ridiculous but for the sake of whatever, I will use them.  99% of the people in this country are honest and responsible people.  So why are the 1% trying to ruin everything in this issue.  Just like I said before in my recent blog, you cannot legislate morals.  Period.   People will either be honest in their dealings in this world or they will be dishonest.  Which one are you?

I know for myself, I try to be honest in everything that I do.  And that includes buying movies and music.  Why would anyone want to steal?  It is not theirs. Period.  If they can’t buy it, then they don’t need it.

Morals are instilled in a person while they are growing up.   Or they learn them the hard way after they are an adult.  There is only one way to live a decent life and that is with decent morals.  So, normal people don’t steal on the Internet.  Leave the Internet alone!

Instead of ‘fixing’ everything, Congress needs to instill morals in their own lives.  Parents need to instill morals in their children’s lives.  And each of us needs to make sure we live a moral life.  Then nothing would ever need ‘fixing’ again.