19 01 2012

Hi again:  been busy the last few days, but been thinking just the same.  I was in the grocery and bought a Powerball ticket when I checked out.  A man behind me stepped up and said, ‘oh you shouldn’t do that.  That is gambling’.  I turned to him and said ‘I don’t see anything wrong with that.’  Then he just laughed and said ‘Neither do I.’  We both laughed and went on our way.

People try to tell other people what to do all the time in this world.  But one thing for sure is that ‘You cannot legislate morals.’  Period.  End of that subject.  You can tell people what they should or should not do.   You can suggest other avenues.  You can try to help them along their way.  But absolutely, positively, you cannot legislate morals.

Having a moral life is up to the individual.  Only he can decide how he wants to live.  As long as he follows the law, it is up to him what he might choose to do.  Gambling, for instance, is a good example.  As long as the individual can actually afford the dollar for the ticket, there is nothing wrong with his purchasing that ticket. When he needs that dollar for groceries or to pay his bills, then it is wrong for him to spend it on gambling.  Same goes with any other moral issue.

Remember, ‘Moderation in all things’ still determines what is immoral or moral in a person’s life.  That covers just about everything including eating, drinking, and gambling.  Too much is never a good thing.  ‘Moderation in all things’ – no matter what the issue.