14 01 2012

Continuing with my great start for the year 2012, I was really moving along.  Had a whole list of things to do this past week and had managed to get most of them done.  Hooray!  Right after the holidays, this was a great start.  I was even going to the big discount to do my supposed -to -be Monday shopping and it was only Friday.  See.  That’s what I said, moving right along.

I parked in one of those parallel parking spaces and rushed into the store.  Hate Friday shopping.  Crowds everywhere.   I even checked myself out at the do-it-yourself register and with everyone helping me, managed to get that done in the same amount of time that the checker next to me checked out 3 people.  Really moving right along.

And then I hurried out the door.  Had several other errands to run today.  I emptied the cart and put everything in the back seat.  Then I pushed the buggy down and parked it in front of my car where it would be safe.  Then I got all settled, put on my seat belt, started the engine, looked to the right to make sure that nothing was coming my way and then ran right into the cart.  The noise attracted several people and they just smiled and waved.  I didn’t know them but it was o.k.  I got out, looked at the cart and my car and didn’t see any damage, so everything was still o.k.  Just a little bit of fun to make my day.

Now this sort of thing is not a problem because of old aging.  This is something I have done all my life.  Just like when I tried dancing as a child, my left foot never knew what the right one was going to do next.  Figured it is just life in the fast lane that everyone talks about.

This sort of life has just made me have a great sense of humor and the ability to laugh at myself – a lot.   Never know what tomorrow will bring.  But you can bet it will be something out of the ordinary and I’ll still have another great day!  Happy 2012!  Here I come.