12 01 2012

When I was a kid I always had a desire to be a Catholic.  Not for the obvious reasons that everyone else has.  Instead, for me, it was because those people – those Catholics seemed to do whatever they wanted to do in their lives.  This was not so in the Southern Baptist Church I attended.

I didn’t mean they did anything wrong, but it was just the fact that they were in charge of their own lives.  Those Catholics could go out and dance and drink or smoke or gamble and no one ever fussed at them for doing so.  I didn’t want to do anything wrong in my life.  It was just that every time I went to the Southern Baptist Church, the people in the Sunday School Class and the people in the Church itself always seemed to find something wrong with the way I lived.

They acted like if a person had a beer, they were on their way in that basket to Hell.  And if they smoked, that was equally as bad.  Seemed like it was o.k. for men to smoke, but those ladies just better not do that.  No way. My parents went to the horse races every year and had a great time.  They saved their money all year for that treat.  And my parents danced very well.  They had a great time dancing in their lives.  And the worst thing we all did was play cards.  My sister and I played cards with our friends almost every day.  Sometimes we even played other card games besides Old Maid. Solitaire was a definite favorite.

When I went to Sunday School, the teacher would bring up these things and all the other girls would look in my direction.  Just infuriated me!

My parents worked in the yard together and then might sit down and have a cold beer.  And after dinner, they might just have a cigarette together.  We were always betting about things in my house.  ‘I’ll bet you washing the dishes that I can jump those 3 steps’.  And those card games were going to get us yet.  I considered that my family were all very nice people.  We had a great family life every single day.  And I didn’t think all those things I mentioned were really sins.   Someone just made that up.  I didn’t see anywhere that dancing was wrong or that gambling was a terrible thing.  Not if you did it in a normal way.

So, I wanted to become a Catholic when I grew up because it was a straight line to God.  I wouldn’t have to have anyone else in my life that I had to answer to except God.   And if I lived the way a Catholic was supposed to, I would be on a straight road to Heaven.  And that was what I was looking for.

I am a very independent person and I always wanted to be in complete charge of my own life.  Period.  End of that subject.   I joined the Catholic Church when I became an adult and have been in charge of my own life ever since.  The only one I have to answer to is God.

But, you know what?  When I die, I will be the only person standing before God.  There won’t be a committee or a Sunday School Class or a group of people there with me telling me what I am doing all wrong.  Nope.   It will just be me and God.  Just the two of us.  It’s going to be just great!