2 01 2012

Only the second day of the year and I’m already at it again!  Every day I seem to do the same things.  I catch up a little bit, then go by church.  Then I make it to the post office and run errands.  Finally, I come home and do whatever needs to be done around here.  Well, today, a lot needed to be done around here, so thought I would change the routine just a little.

After the holidays, needed to mop and clean and dust and swiffer and all that good stuff.   So I planned in my head to run by church and then come straight home.  I could go by the post office and run errands later in the day.  I went by church, said my many prayers and left.  I was feeling really great and anxious to get that cleaning done just as soon as possible.

So I started the car and was planning on what I was going to do when I got home.  Would mop first and then while the floor was drying, I would swiffer the other floors and vacuum a little and dust here and there.  Oh, it was going to be great to get all that done early and be through for the day!

So I turned the corner and went straight to the post office.  That car moved like a dairyman’s horse used to. It knew exactly where to go.  And evidently my mind did not.

Don’t know what I’m going to do with me.  I just gave up and read the paper and drank a cup of tea. No reason to worry about it all.  Will get done later after I read my mail.