28 12 2011

When I was a senior in high school, my father had great plans for me.  At that time, being a secretary was a prime profession.  And I was already a great one.  In the 9th grade, I could type 120 words per minute on an old time typewriter.  And I could take shorthand very well and transcribe with the best of them.  So I was going to make a great secretary no matter what.  My father decided that I should go to Washington and work for the government.  That would be the ultimate job as far as he was concerned.  He had talked to a couple of career government secretaries  in our hometown and they had told him for me to take the civil service test for stenographers and then apply for a job in Washington.

So I was on my way.  He even made arrangements for me to rent the typewriter for the test and drove me to the federal building where the test was to be held.

Well, I was a great secretary alright, except that when they gave the test, the lady was on a stage in front of us and I was on about row 24 or so.  There were two people sitting next to me with those new fangled machines that clacked all the time.   So when we began, I could barely hear the lady up front who was dictating the test.  As a result, I failed the test.  But then, I could take it another time if I pleased.

This one time sort of deflated my dreams of being a great secretary in Washington D.C. anyway.  I was sort of scared about going away from home when I was so young and being on my own and all that great stuff that teens dream of.  Of course I never said that out loud and I would have gone if I was supposed to.

But it seems that God had other plans for me.  Those plans were certainly not in my mind at the time.  I was still planning on being a great secretary and becoming important somehow and having a good career over the coming years.  The word ‘career’ had not even been invented yet, but I was all for it anyway.

But then, this young man came along and I worked another couple of years and then became a stay at home mom with is the only kind to be as far as I am concerned.  I gave up the dreams of career as I now had a greater career raising my many children.  I had a wonderful life and would never have wished for anything better.  But it still remains a surprise to me that I enjoyed being a mother so much.  I didn’t even like children when I was young.  They just always got in my way.  And now, here I was with all these wonderful little ones running in every direction and the house being full of laughter and fun every single day.

Everyone was here for Christmas this year and it was still a house full of laughter and fun.  There are almost 30 of us now and we thoroughly enjoy our visits and jokes and just plain being together.  What a wonderful career I have had.  What a wonderful life I have had.  I look around at all of them and thank Dear God for all that He has done for me.

He knew exactly what I needed in my life and I am Grateful Forever that He showed me His ways.  I wouldn’t have liked it in Washington, D.C. anyway.




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