4 12 2011

So much talk at this time of the year about giving, giving, and more giving. Now, I am not suggesting that you give anything in particular for Christmas or for any other holiday.  I am just simply suggesting that you give of yourself every day of every year from now on.

And how do you do that?  Well, all you have to do is be a good listener.  Just listen to your friend, or your own children, or your relative, or your neighbor, or your co-worker.  Just simply listen.  Don’t judge.  Don’t change the subject.   Just listen.

You would be absolutely amazed at how many people you can help in this world by just simply being still and listening when they try to talk to you.  I have a friend for life now because I just listened when she started telling me about how bad things were in her home on a particular day.  I did not even know her and was surprised when she started talking to me.  But she needed someone to listen to her.  And she needed it really bad at that time.  And so I just sat and listened.    I still don’t know much about her personally, but am always so glad when I see her.  Because I know she is doing better in her life each and every day.  And a lot of the reason for that is just because I listened when she needed someone to talk to.

So try it for awhile. See what you think.  Just make yourself available when someone wants to or needs to talk to you.  Just listen.

And don’t ever tell anyone what is told to you.   That is as important as the listening is.




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