2 12 2011

I notice there are a lot of advertisements for doing exercises, especially this time of the year.  Like anyone has time for that anyway, and especially this time of the year.  Now, I agree that persons who exercise a lot are probably healthier than I am.  But I am healthy enough.   I get all kinds of exercise every day just trying to get my job done.  Being a mother can be exhausting.  But it is great at the end of a busy day to  know I have done my share of exercise.

I do not have to go to the gym.  I get all I need right here at home.  For instance, I do lunges pretty frequently.  I have to lunge forward to pick up the dirty clothes in order to load  them in the washer.  Sometimes I even add a stretch or two as I reach from my lunge and pitch something in the washer.  Then I get lots of time in for squats.  That happens when I start to sit down for a moment and someone calls out, ‘Hey Mom, what did you do with my other sock?’  Or  ‘Honey, can you please bring me a bandaid?   I just cut myself shaving.’

And how about buying those groceries and then lugging them all into the house.  When I put them away, I get lots of stretch time.  I even occasionally get in another lunge or two if I drop something.  And then when I go into the pantry, I turn my neck slowly from side to side trying to find that can of tomatoes that I am sure I just bought.

A therapist once told me that if I carry something with me while doing steps, it will make my bones stronger.   I ought to have the strongest bones on the continent.  I am constantly doing stair steps up and down and down and up all day long.  And I am carrying piles of dirty clothes and then piles of clean clothes while I go up and down all day long.

After thinking about all this, I think I will lunge out to my car, squat into the seat  and go to the drive in to get a great big ice cream cone.  Should reward myself for doing all this exercise, especially this busy time of the year.

No wonder I look so good!



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