28 11 2011

I have been sitting on my hands hoping that somehow, some way some of this idiot stuff would just go away.  Instead, I constantly read this rhetoric in the papers and magazines and hear it on the TV that someone said something here or there that justifies the terrible feelings towards this country and some of its people.  And there is always backup info from the internet to justify these ridiculous ideas.  Wake Up!  It is time to pay attention to some of the realities of life.

There are a couple of basics here.  One – a businessman, whether he be big business or small business or family business, or retail or wholesale or whatever it might be – a businessman is in business for one reason and that is to make money.  He does not work constantly in order to feed someone somewhere who refuses to work.  Period.  End of that subject.  The businessman is in business to make money!!!!  That is a plain, simple fact of life.

Second basic is that – the only thing anyone is guaranteed in this world is an OPPORTUNITY!   Period.  End of that subject.  Anyone, anywhere, no matter the situation can have an opportunity to have a better life.  It is strictly and absolutely up to the individual whether he obtains a better life or not.  Now, he can use all kinds of excuses.  He cannot find a job – BULL!!! May not be the job he wants, but he can find a job.   Next, he cannot have an opportunity because of some kind of oppression – BULL!  There are many, many instances where people have done better in their lives regardless of circumstances.  If the individual is determined enough, he will find that opportunity for a better life.  It is and always has been just simply put – UP TO HIM!!!

No matter what is written or said – these two basics remain the same forever.   The businessman is in business to make money.    And the only thing guaranteed to anyone, anywhere is an Opportunity for a better life.