17 11 2011

That teen who gets his first job is a very lucky person.   I hope no one gets too discouraged in trying to land a paying job.  This is an exciting time in a teen’s life.  I remember that feeling.  First job I had was working in a campaign of a man who was running for Governor.  Of course I didn’t really care who won, I was just interested in the paycheck at the end of the week.  It was a wonderful feeling to actually get paid for typing.  Yeah!

But all teens on a first job have to learn the very basics of what it means to work.  They have to learn to be there on time – not five minutes late, ever.   On Time!  And then no matter what the job is, the teen must learn that he has to be nice to everyone in sight.  That means to all the customers or anyone who works in the same place or the boss or whoever might come in the door.  Just a part of working life.

Also, the teen must always dress appropriately.  That means nothing hangs out the top or the bottom.  No too short skirts, no too low blouses, no pants that hang down, nothing like that at all.  Working people don’t dress like that.  And in fact, most people do not like that sort of dressing anyway.  In fact, they downright disapprove most of the time.  Learn to fit in.   Dress like the other people that work there.  No way out hairdo, no heavy makeup, no greasy face and hands.  Just plain, simple you.  And get that smile on your face and keep it there.  Very important.

And then the teen has to learn to do the job.  If he doesn’t understand what to do, he can either ask again or he can just do the best he can.  He will soon learn anyway.  And then he cannot be a clock watcher, always waiting for the next break or lunch time or time to leave for the day.   People notice when you do that, so don’t be a clock watcher.  And then, finally, just  hang in there and do the very best job you can every hour of every day.

The first job teen doesn’t realize it is happening but he is getting a fast track, cram course in responsibility.  Yeah!  Follow the rules and have a very successful first job and a successful life because you are learning how to work.  Have to know that first before you can progress in anything. Very important!




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