17 11 2011

There was a letter to the editor of my hometown newspaper this past week that went into great detail about all the oil spills in Alaska and the BP problems in the Gulf.  Personally, I am very sorry about all this, but I think it is time to move on.  Why do some people think they have to beat a subject to death.  It is not necessary.  We can all watch TV, read the newspapers and listen to our radios.  Believe me, we all know about the BP Oil Spill and the Alaska Oil Spill.  And we are collectively sorry.  But as I said, it is time to move on.  Even the fish don’t care anymore.

Some environmentalists think they are in charge of this world and think we need them to tell us what to do.  It is amazing to me how many times they quote study after study that they looked up on the internet.  I could do that, too, except that I don’t need to.  I have lived through all these changes and all the problems and all the rhetoric about each issue.  And I still have the same attitude about all of it.   Sorry, but move on.

It is time to get on the right path.  It is past time for us citizens of the U.S. to start reaping some of our advantages.  Why should we be paying $3.35 per gallon of gas when we used to buy it for $.30 a gallon.  Yes, that is true.  When I was young, that was the charge for a gallon of gas.  And everything else was cheaper, too.  But then, we didn’t make all these horrendous salaries either.  My husband was very happy drawing $45. a week AGAINST commissions due him.  In other words, he either made the sales to cover that $45 each week or he could find another job.  Period.  End of subject.  You got out there and worked and did the best job you could.  If you wanted to progress, then you learned how to work and how to improve your performance.  And you did it on your own.  No one was out there telling you how to perform.  You figured it out for yourself and progressed or didn’t.  Up to you.  Have a good successful life or stagnate.  Up to you.  That is called Responsibility for yourself.  And most people had it and worked to learn it so they could own it for themselves.

But if I remember correctly, one of the first things those so-called environmentalists did was to start the ‘Don’t be a Litter  Bug’ campaign.  They weren’t even called  environmentalists.  That word would come much later.  You might remember we had litter bags in our cars and all the kids were taught to put their trash in a receptacle.  It worked well and most places were a little cleaner.  But then those same environmentalists have graduated to much larger issues, such as the oil spills and they no longer work on the Litter Bug campaign.

So, is this the way it works out?  Do they just harp on something until they get their way and then they go on to something else?  If you don’t believe that one, just go in your local post office and look at the trash on the floor and hanging out of the receptacles.  And then go outside and see how much is thrown on the flower beds and the sidewalks.  Then go down one of your busy streets and look at the trash on the side of the road.  I pulled out a basket in Target the other day and there was a full cup of cola rolling around in the basket.  Wonder who could afford to buy that and then leave it in the basket.  Not me.  I am too responsible for that one. I cannot afford to waste my money like that.   And the receptacle was only 5 feet away.  I threw it in the receptacle myself.  Is that the kind of responsibility people  have these days?

Let’s get back to the basics.  Don’t be a Litter Bug.   Surely everyone could pick up their trash.  We don’t need anyone telling us how to pay more taxes so we can refuse to drill for our own oil.  We need those people to do the basics, like pick up the trash.





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