14 11 2011

The luckiest teens in the whole wide world are those that are allowed to have a job.  It might be that they need the money or it might be that they just simply want to work.  In either case, the parents must be the instigator.  They must not only allow the teen to have a job but to encourage him to want to have a job.  This is a part of life.

Nowadays so many parents coddle their teens and think they are taking better care of them by not letting them have a job.  After all, they are going to send them to college and pay all that tuition and then their wonderful, smart, college educated teen will be ready to face the cold hard world of jobs.

Well, that just simply will not work.  In most cases, the young person must know how to work.  The only way he can learn this is to have some experience.  The only way he gets experience is to get out there in the real world and work around other people and learn how to work.  Working is a skill in itself.  Everyone has to learn all the hard and fast rules of the working world before they can actually hold down a job.

It doesn’t make any difference how much education that young person has.  If he does not know how to work in a real environment, then he will not be able to perform a good job for any employer.  One young lady who was working in a department store at an early age said that she already had several year’s experience when her friends who had been away at college started their careers.  She would see them from time to time.  Those who had never worked still had to start at the bottom of the ladder learning how to hold down that precious job.

After all, everyone has to have a job in this world.  Encourage your teen to work.  Encourage him to get out there in the real world and learn how to hold down that precious job.  Then he can count himself as being one of those LUCKIEST TEENS!    And he will do o.k. no matter what field he chooses as his life’s vocation.




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