11 11 2011

My youngest grandson was over for awhile this afternoon.  He told his mother he had never heard me play the piano.  I don’t play much anymore, too busy on the computer.  Anyway, he asked me to play it for him so I opened the keyboard and sat down.  The first song that came into my head was ‘The Waltz You Saved For Me’.  I had told him that I only know old songs.

As I played, my mind could see all sorts of people dancing the Waltz.  There were my parents in the dining room.  They had a Christmas party on Christmas night every year when we were growing up.  My brother played the piano very well and he would play that type song.  The couples would dance in the dining room while other people were visiting in the living room.  It was a lot of fun and makes for nice memories.  As my parents danced the Waltz, they would glide across the floor, moving as one person. Both were very good dancers and always enjoyed their dances very much. They were beautiful to watch.

As I played the song, the words echoed in my mind also.  ‘I will sometimes remember the Waltz You Saved For Me’.  How simple.  How beautiful.  And the music glides along while the dancers glide also.

Dancing has changed a lot since those days.  And that is a shame, I guess.  Wonder if anyone dances like that much anymore except for the professionals who know that is a beautiful way to dance.  That three cornered way of moving makes just the right turns at the right time.

Now  ‘I will sometimes remember the Waltz you saved for me’ echoes in my mind tonight.  Nice memories of a nice life.




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