10 11 2011

I look at the television news stories and I read the newspapers regularly and I keep thinking to myself, What in the world is going on here, or at least in this country of ours.  Surely, we don’t have to live through another hippie era with the campouts in the cities and the bonfires and the guitar music and the non productive citizens.  Surely not again!

But then, maybe I am the only one seeing this.  I saw where someone stated for all to hear that this was reminiscent of the civil rights era.  Well, that was originally a takeoff from the Vietnam era.  So anyone can think whatever they wish.  I just wish they would all get up, clean up, and get a job.  Then they wouldn’t have time to worry about how much money someone else was making every day.  They could only worry about how much money they were making.  And then they could think about how they were going to pay their rent, buy their groceries and clothing, provide water for baths for themselves and their families, and then work at taking  care of their own families.  There wouldn’t be much time for camping out in the city, nor playing the guitars and singing around the campfires.

Eventually, most of  those original hippies had to get a job and take care of their own families.  Time for this today.  Enough is enough.  Get on with life.



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