5 11 2011

Sometimes opportunity knocks and knocks some more and no one hears the sounds.  Other times, opportunity knocks so loud that it almost knocks the doors off the hinges and no one wants to hear the sound.

No one was ever promised a great life nor lots of food in the kitchen, nor even a kitchen.  Everyone has to get out and get it for themselves.   This is the good old American way.  This is how people are able to raise their standard of living over and over again over the generations.  When I was younger, it was thought that each generation should try to raise the standard of living for the next generation to come.  Instead, these days some people are   happy going downhill further and further.  They even drag those poor children along and teach them that this is the way to live.

In a normal company, after many years, a man might make a pretty good salary with all kinds of benefits.  Then if he gets laid off because the economy gets bad,  he might still think he is worth that large hourly salary he was making after 20 years with that former employer.  That cannot be.  He must go back and start over again with beginning salary and fewer benefits.  But many people are not willing to accept that.  They draw a line and say anything less than what they were making before is an insult.  So he collects his unemployment and time passes with no progress.  The longer he is without a job, the more it will hurt his future. Pride has to take a back seat.  Opportunity gets the front seat on the bus.

If the responsible man has saved some of his money and not spent himself into debt, then he can survive until he finds that prime job he is looking for.  Otherwise, he better take whatever is offered.  It might be a cut in pay, yes, or a cut in benefits, yes, but a salary of any kind keeps the wolf from the door.  It provides the money for that rent or house payment and puts groceries on the table.

And then if he is open for opportunity to knock, there will be other opportunities over time and he will once again progress to that larger salary and more benefits.  But he has to work at it every day.  He has to do all the things that make for a good employee.  That means he gets along with his peers, arrives to work on time, and puts in a good day’s work for that day’s salary.

It doesn’t take an economics professor to figure all this out.  It is very simple.  You take whatever opportunity knocks on your door.  You work at it and progress in your life.  You make the best of a bad situation.  But you don’t live on the street and you don’t sleep in a tent on the concrete, and you don’t have to beg for food.  Not if you have allowed opportunity to be heard over the years.  Listen and get on with a good life!  That is how Americans do it.  And have done it for many years in the past.

And don’t kid yourself or anyone else.  There are lots of jobs out there waiting for employees.    And that will be another blog to come.  Meanwhile listen when opportunity knocks on your door.  And open that door to a better life.