4 11 2011

Hi again:  Blogging twice in one day.  That means it sets a record for me.  Hard to find that much time most days.  If you like my writing, I sure do wish you would invest in my books.  Either that or else I’m going to have to build more closets around here.  Books are accumulating.

My books are very good and people who do buy them tell me they really like them.  I recently sent out a notice to people who had bought my books before that I have a new one out.  Most of the people who ordered wrote me a note and thanked me for letting them know about the new book because they have enjoyed my books so much.  I consider that a really nice compliment.

My books are based on just fun and happiness mostly.  They are intended to be a short reprieve from all the problems of the world.  And they are not expensive either. I only charge $10 for each book or any three for $25.  And they make really great gifts for anyone who might be on your list this year.   Acceptable for anyone from age 8 to 100.  One of the teachers in a school read some of #2503 to her class and they just really enjoyed it.  And I have lots of older customers who thoroughly enjoy reading about all the old times and things that jog their memories.  Just plain fun for all.

I have six books out now.  #2503 is based in the 1930’s and some 40’s.  In The 40’s is about that era and the War and just simple family life during that time.  The Wonderful 1950’s tells of all the changes and how people’s lives took a great big turn.  More family entertainment.  A Better World tells of the changes over the earlier 1900’s and what we can all do to help have A Better World.  Then I have a cookbook entitled Bet’s Cookbook that offers lots of plain, simple tips for anyone cooking for a family.  Nothing expensive here.  Nothing hard to prepare.  Just plain old food that fills everyone up and doesn’t cost a lot of money nor take much time.   And then my latest book is entitled The Real Story and it tells of life in the early 1900’s including up to the integration crisis in Little Rock and The Real Story of Gov. Faubus’ decisions.  This is NOT what was reported in the media.   Then I write of my husband’s experience with alcohol and his recovery and ultimate success in life.  Next,  I offer some suggestions as to how this beloved country of ours got in the mess it is in and I offer suggestions as to how to get out of this mess.

Just thought you might be interested in some of these.  They really are good books.  And make for very enjoyable reading.  Why don’t you give them a try.  I sure would appreciate it.  And then maybe I won’t have to build another closet.  Thanks.  Bet




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