1 11 2011

Well, it finally happened today.  My electric clock that had been hanging in the wash room quit clicking, quit ticking, and quit being my friend.  If it won’t work, it ain’t gonna’ be my friend.  Ever.  It had been hanging in the wash room since 1992.  Before that, it had been hanging in whatever kitchen I had since 1954.  Can’t even count up to see how many years that would be.  About 56 though.  Pretty good clock, so guess I will be its friend after all.

My husband and I had been married just a few months.  We had lived in a one room apartment for one month until we got flooded out.  Then we moved to a duplex with three rooms.  Stayed there for a few months.  And then we found this really cute 4 room house.  Not 4 bedroom like today’s homes, but 4 rooms total.   We were thrilled.  Our very first house!

We moved in in bits and pieces.  Of course about we owned at that time was a bed, chair, couch, coffee table, refrigerator, and stove.  We moved when we weren’t working at our regular jobs. My mother told my brother who was older than me, that he needed to give us a house warming gift.  He agreed and so she went to the department store and bought this electric kitchen clock.  It was in the shape of an apple and was red except for a green leaf sticking out of the top.  I loved it!  And I told time by it for all these years.  Over and over again.  Many a day went by according to the ticking of that clock.

We moved around like everyone else.  It ticked in Dallas and in Memphis and in Little Rock.  We lived in different houses over the years and it still clicked in each and every kitchen.  And the kids all learned to tell time by its ticking.  And watching the hand move until the favorite TV show came on.  Or time to go somewhere or time to start dinner, or time to do homework, or time to go to bed each night.

But today, it just gave out.  It just simply couldn’t make that hand go round anymore.  I replugged it into the wall a couple of times and it would run for about thirty minutes each time.  And then it just gave out.  The ticker just couldn’t tick anymore.

Hope my ticker doesn’t give out  anytime soon.  I still have a lot of ticking to do.