6 09 2011

While growing up, my parents told me it was a great honor to get to help with the dishes.  So at the age of 7, on my birthday, I was presented with a dish rag and told this could be my job from now on.  I was so excited and so happy!  Could not believe I would get to do such a wonderful job.  And I got to do that job for about the next 100 years.   My grandmother and I washed the dishes three times a day for years and years and years.  Except when I was in school of course and then I don’t know who dried all that mound of dishes.  I was the official drier.  I got so proficient at the job that I could dry stacks of plates in a matter of seconds, sliding the top one under the bottom one and continuing to dry all the time.  Oh, I was really good!

By the time my children came along, we had what was supposed to be a dishwasher but I’m not sure exactly what it was.  It was installed in the corner of the kitchen cabinet and was small and round.  It supposedly ran on water pressure.  And it seemed to do a pretty good job.  We used that all the time we lived in that particular house.  The house was built in the late 40’s and I suppose this was a brand new invention at the time.  However, it never took off as I have never seen another one anywhere.  I guess all the houses in our subdivision had one, but I don’t remember discussing that with anyone.  Anyway, it washed the dishes and whizzed around and around after dinner each day.  We seemed to have more than our share of vomiting problems during those years, but then everyone did.  Those new viruses seemed to come around pretty often to everyone’s house.  But I have since then wondered if some of ours was because of that hot dog dishwasher.  Never will know of course.

After we moved away from that house, we bought a portable dishwasher which we rolled in and out of the kitchen.  However, the propellor piece that was in the bottom that made the whole machine work did not have a cover over it and soon, a fork was dropped down there and it broke and then it wouldn’t run at all – for awhile – until we scraped together enough money to get it fixed.  After awhile, the lock broke on it and it would not run until the top was locked.  So my two year old daughter was lifted up and sat on top of the dishwasher for us while it ran.  She was very smart for her age and I never worried about her falling off.  She was quite content to sit there and be in the middle of all the commotion in the kitchen and I can still see her sitting there on top of the dishwasher proud as punch with the good job she was doing for us.

We were brok-er and brok-er during those years and could not buy anything new anyway.  We finally had to sell our  home and rent a house because we couldn’t keep our home.  Too much money going out and none coming in for awhile.  We drug that dishwasher with us of course and it ran for another couple of years.  After we got our feet back on the ground again, we moved to a better house which we eventually were able to buy.  There, we got another portable dishwasher and this one never had any problems.  And the lock actually worked too.  No more having someone sit on the top of it.

Next, we moved to a better house with a built in dishwasher.  This one worked beautifully until one of the kids sat on the door one afternoon and that was that.   After that, it was another dishwasher or else.  There were just too many dishes by that time for anyone to wash and dry.  Would have taken hours and hours.  And no one had hours and hours anymore.  Too busy driving cars and running all the time raising all those kids and driving those carpools and trying to prepare meals in between.

Next house had a new dishwasher and it got a run for its money for sure.  Then to this house and another new dishwasher.  So glad.  Just love those dishwashers.  Mine still runs twice a day. My daughter still empties it.  And we live a happy life ever after.