2 09 2011

Our nation seems to be digging a deeper hole every day.  Of course we can all lay the blame where we wish, but the reality is that we are getting in deeper and deeper all the time.   And this hole doesn’t seem to have any bottom.  People are hurting in lots of ways.   Some are out of jobs.  Some are destitute for other reasons.  Many have family or health problems.  And nothing seems to be getting any better.

A friend of mine thought about this for awhile and came up with an idea that makes a lot of sense.   How about a bumper sticker for every car in the country.  How about one that says, PRAY FOR OUR NATION.  Wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing if every car on every street in America had this bumper sticker so we could all be reminded to pray and pray and pray some more for our nation.

If we all follow this example and PRAY FOR OUR NATION, God will hear us and grant our requests.  He is just waiting for us to turn to him anyway.  Why not now.

If you can, order a bumper sticker somewhere that says PRAY FOR OUR NATION.  Printers can all print up bumper stickers for a very nominal fee.  Or you can purchase them on the internet at a reasonable cost.  If you order one from a printer, how about ordering several and passing them out to your relatives and friends and anyone who has an automobile with a bumper.

Let’s inundate the country with this slogan.  PRAY FOR OUR NATION.  Then we will soon see Bumper stickers on every car in America!  Tell all your friends and relatives to do the same.  Pass this word along.  Tell your church friends and your Sunday School Class and your preachers and everyone else you can think of.  Let’s put this slogan on every car in America.  The quicker the better.  PRAY FOR OUR NATION!!!!