1 09 2011

I was driving into the neighborhood recently and noticed that a house near the entrance has been rented to a group of young men. The most important thing they do is wash their truck.  Each one, all the time.  What time they aren’t washing their trucks, they are parking them all over the place.  Nice boys.  Nice area.  And they keep it looking really nice around their house.

But I remember back when  the most important thing I did was ‘wash my truck.’  What fun!  No responsibility.  No problems.  Just make sure my bank account  was current.  Why, I might even have as much as $25.30 left after the month.  Rich! this month.   Meanwhile I’ll wash my truck again.  Needs it really bad.  Might have a spot or two on the top.

That windshield could use a little more wiping.  And around the gas cap  has finger prints  from when I filled  up the tank the other day.  Guess I’ll wash my truck!

Mom calls that dinner is ready now.  ‘Be right there as soon as I finish washing my truck.’    Or maybe I’ll wash my truck before I go in to work.  Or to school.  Or to anywhere else.

Mom might ask me to take my sister over to grandma’s.  ‘Sure, soon as I finish washing my truck.’

Or  – Mom might want me to run to the grocery and pick up a loaf of bread for dinner.  ‘Sure, just as soon as I finish washing my truck’.

What fun!  Think I’ll go wash my truck.  Probably needs it.  Been hauling trash and kids and groceries and all that good stuff all  week.

Need to wash my truck!!!



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