30 08 2011

Speaking of the past – again – did you know there were almost no deodorants until the early 1950’s?  I was a teenager and never had used a deodorant and never needed to.  For some reason, people did not usually smell bad.  Unless they had been working and sweating all day and then they would need to ‘wash up’ in order to smell better before dinner.  But that was usually a man who had worked outdoors doing manual labor all day long.

Anyway, the Lifebuoy was the only deodorant soap on the market that I can remember and Bob Burns was a radio personality who had a funny variety type show on every week.  He fashioned himself as a hillbilly from the backwoods of Arkansas and his sponsor was Lifebuoy.  They had a song on the show that advertised that if you had B.O. (body odor), then you needed to use their soap.  And people who had that B.O. did use their soap and it usually took care of the problem.

Now, I am wondering why people stink so much these days.  And why everyone needs to use the deodorant all the time.  As I said, that was really unheard of before the early 1950’s.  I have been thinking about this all day and it seems to me that people ingest a lot more salt now than they did back then.   We had very little processed foods and almost no ‘eat out’ foods.  So wonder if that could make a difference in our B.O. problem.

I, for one, always ate a lot of sugar so that didn’t seem to present a problem.  But I am wondering about the amount of salt.  Oh well, I will never know the answer to that one, but I can wonder anyway.

Arrid was the first popular deodorant to come onto the market that I remember and they did lots of advertising of their product.   Everyone had Arrid after that and it did a good job.

Well, just thought you might enjoy knowing all that.   Will have something else of supreme importance tomorrow.  Like maybe shampoo or toothpaste.  Hot Dog!