29 08 2011

HI:  Was just  thinking about those good old days today.  You know, the ones you always hear about that were so wonderful and we should all go back to them.  Bull!!  Things are so much better now.  Or at least they were before you know who came along and started messing with everything.  But that is another story for another day.  And believe me, I will write those when I am ready.

Anyway, when I was a younger person, there was no air conditioning at all.  And on those 100 plus days, it was pretty hot.  But as kids we didn’t know any better anyway so we were perfectly happy with our lives.  We played all over the neighborhood, running as fast and hard as we could.  We skated on the sidewalks and rode our bikes and sat on the porch, swinging with our friends while we visited.  It was a very nice life.  We sweated a lot, but I don’t remember anyone ever having any problems with heat prostration or having to drink water all the time.  When we got thirsty, we just ran into the kitchen, grabbed a drink of water and ran out again.  We drank out of the same glass all the time because there were no dishwashers except us.

We had oscillating fans that kept us cool when we were really hot.  But they didn’t do a lot of good.  I can still see my mother ironing in the front bedroom with an oscillating fan blowing on her legs.  The fan couldn’t blow higher than that because then it would dry out the sprinkled clothes.  The sweat would run down her legs because ironing was such a hot job on a hot day.  But I don’t remember her ever complaining about it.  She listened to the radio while she ironed and that seemed to make her happy.  That was just life in those good old days.

When attic fans came on the market, we were fortunate that our attic could accommodate such a big monster as that.  It took every relative we had to get that fan up in the attic and wired properly.  And it took  a full day for this to happen.  Meanwhile, mother cooked a big pot of spaghetti sauce and all the fixins to go with it.  We had a real feast that day – eating in the big dining room instead of the kitchen – and then the men went back to work while the women and children cleaned up the dishes.

It was a fun day and we all enjoyed it a lot.  But the best part was that night when we opened the windows about a foot, just enough to let that air blow on us while we slept.  It was wonderful.  And I remember it as still being wonderful.  The whole day was lots of fun for us kids.  And just the thought of that blast of cool air coming in that window and blowing the curtains is enough to make me sleep really good even to this day.

Guess those good old days weren’t so bad after all.  Maybe they really were the good old days.  Will write about some more of those.




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