21 08 2011

I was just talking to one of my daughters  about how people used to live a long time ago.  Well, I was there then, so I know how they lived.  And sometimes it wasn’t pleasant at all.  Those good old days really weren’t so wonderful.  Only in the imagination or wishful thinking.  We had started out talking about the kids beginning a new school year and I remember how difficult that could be.

For instance, there were no pants for girls or women.  Everyone had to dress up wherever they went.  The girls and boys wear shorts now.  They also wear t-shirts and sneakers or sandals.  I’m sure they are a whole lot more comfortable than we were.  Back in the good old days, the boys wore dress pants and oxford shoes and a shirt that buttoned up.  We girls always wore a skirt and oxford shoes and usually a starched stiff blouse that we will try not to get too dirty all day long.  But then of course we could never  even have imagined the way people dress these days.

Also, clothes washing was such a chore that clothing was worn more than once if at all possible.  And cleaning was almost never.  It took my mother the first half of a day to wash and in the second half of that day  she brought the clothes in from the line to fold and get ready to iron all day the next day.

People used their washcloth and towel for several days, hanging it in a particular place so everyone knew whose washcloth and towel it was for the week.  And we all bathed in the same bathtub.  Of course my mother made sure it was scrubbed clean after each bather, but that in itself was a big chore.  There were 6 of us in the household.  And I’m sure in looking back that not everyone bathed every day.  Showers were not even heard of.

My father went to the service and was stationed in the Philippines.  He learned to shower there.  The men had hooked a hose over some  wire and directed the water into a shack built for that purpose.  So when he returned home, he rigged up a shower for himself using a garden hose in our basement and that was how he bathed every day for years.  There were none of these nice showers we enjoy today.

You can read more about those good old days in my first book entitled #2503.  Probably not a good title for a book, but that was my address when I was growing up.  I have since written a total of 6 books and love doing that.  Look my books up at You might want to order some of them.  Thanks, Bet



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