19 08 2011

I had an infection come up on my leg this past week.  Didn’t amount to much.  I just ran into the dishwasher door and it took the top layer of skin off.  After a couple of days, I noticed it was becoming infected so I made an appointment with the doctor.  He prescribed a sulfa antibiotic which is really the only kind I can take.  I think most other people take something else, but not me.  Always have to be different.

I took an antibiotic several years ago for an infection on my arm caused by being stupid and pulling up some poison ivy plants.  That antibiotic really ruined my stomach and it has never been the same since.  Cannot eat fruit at all and have problems with a lot of other foods.  But the poison ivy rash got cured and that is the point, you know.

Anyway, I’m getting off the road here.  I got to thinking about the sulfa drugs and what a wonder they have been.  Most people just take them for granted and think they were always there.  But they weren’t.  Towards the end of World War II, the sulfa drugs were first used to treat men while they were still on the battlefield.  In fact servicemen were given a pouch containing sulfa drugs so they could treat themselves until help could reach them.  The sulfa drug was an absolute miracle, accounting for the saving of many men.  The drug was just sprinkled on their wounds and this kept any infection from getting into the wound which helped many lives to be saved.  This was called a miracle drug in its day – and it definitely was.

Then I read a book and cannot remember the name of it, but it was written by a lady who had leprosy.  She was shuttled off from her home in the United States  at night and ended up on the island where all leprosy people went to die.   Then she told of how awful the people looked and how scared she was and what it was like to know that she could never, ever again leave this island.  She met a fellow patient there and eventually they were married.  But this  would be her life forever, no children, no other family members ever.

And then the sulfa drugs came along.  They were found to stop the progression of leprosy and she told what a wonderful miracle that was.  No longer was she considered to be contagious.   No longer did she have to be an outcast.  She and her husband were able to leave the island and resume a normal life.  All because of the sulfa drugs.

I was just thinking about all that and how fortunate we are in our lives to have such wonderful miracle drugs.  And all the preventive care that is available these days.  There are a number of drugs now that are used to treat leprosy.  No one has to be shuttled from their home in the middle of the night anymore.  No one has to be isolated on an island in the Pacific.  And no one has to endure the horror of having leprosy.  What a wonderful world we have.   How fortunate we are.

God takes really good care of all of us.  Thank you, Dear God.




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