17 08 2011

I noticed in the news reports today that someone has brought up sex education in the schools once again.  Why!  It all seems so redundant.  In the first place, why do these young children need to be taught any of that anyway.  And particularly why in the schools.

The schools are not teaching history anymore.   No one seems to know anything at all about this country or how we got where we are today or any of the wars or founding fathers or our flag or anything relevant to caring for this country.  So why in the world are they teaching sex education anyway.  Why sex education.  Teach history!!!

And the math is a constant disaster.  No one seems to know how to balance their checkbook or tell themselves no when they see a pretty shiny thing that they don’t need at the store.  And it seems to be ok to eat out all the time when it costs way more than it does to prepare your own food.  Why sex education. Teach them some math!

And English.  Half the country cannot talk in a normal way.  They don’t know what makes up a sentence.  And they sure don’t know how to write one.  Or what a paragraph is or how to write that either.  But someone somewhere thought it was a good idea to teach sex education in the schools.  Ridiculous!  Unnecessary!  All it does is wake up that desire that never was meant to be brought up at their ages anyway.

I had several children.  When the subject of teaching sex education came up at our school, we parents were called to a meeting.  We were told our children would be taught right.  There would be a doctor there and several nurses. So one child came home and running through the house after school called out to me – we had sex education today.  I answered back, what did you learn.  And the child answered me and said, don’t hold hands with the boys.  And that was that.   So much for that grand, great, unnecessary sex education!

And then another child came in and said he had sex education that day.  He was getting a snack from the refrigerator at the time and said, when you mix an x and a y, you get a baby.  And that was that.

Some sex education!  Some unnecessary intrusion into my children’s lives.  Why!!!!   Teach reading, writing,  arithmetic, science, history.  All subjects that should be taught.   Add a small amount of sports and cheerleading and leave my children alone!  Teach them sex education at home if you must.  But leave it out of the school system! In this world of today, we definitely don’t need that!