15 08 2011

Well, today was the first day of the school year around here.  All those big yellow busses were just scooting right along this morning.  And the traffic was terrible.  Now, I live in a small town and the only time we have a traffic jam is when school is either taking up or letting out.  When I first moved here, that was absolutely wonderful.  I had been fighting traffic while running carpools for many years at that time and I would take that school rush hour any time over what I had been driving in.

I hope all the kids had a wonderful start to their school year.  All the little girls looked so proud in their new uniforms at the school where I saw them.  And the boys were playfully shoving each other around.  Looked typical to me.  Seems like I remember a few of those first days myself.

And of course, I remember a few of them with my own children. In fact, I didn’t think I would ever get through with those first days of school year after year after year.  I dearly loved each and every one of my children, but I did not dearly love each and every one of their schools nor their teachers, nor their friends sometimes.

So, I don’t miss the first day of school.   In fact this morning I was much relieved not to be in that parking lot line of traffic.  And I was relieved not to have to walk another child into his classroom and meet his new teacher.  Oh boy, I sure did not miss that one.

And I’m glad I was not there to pick up children when they got out of class at 3 this afternoon.  Again, I didn’t miss the waiting in line to pick up my child.  Nor did I miss the ‘hey Mom’, I’ve got to go by the store this afternoon.  My teacher says I need a poster board for tomorrow’.   Ugh!!!  I will never miss that one, especially if I have ice cream in the car or have to pick up another child or whatever might make a big difference in my afternoon on that first day of school.

I am definitely not an old grouch nor an old prude nor any of those descriptions that describe someone hard to get along with.  But I can sure get along without that first day of school – ever again in my life.  I’m so glad I’m old today.



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