13 08 2011

Getting ready to put dinner on the table and decided at the last minute to have a piece of buttered toast to go with it.  Asked my daughter to please toast the bread for me.  I got two pieces of bread out of the wrapper and put them on the cabinet.  I saw my daughter put the two pieces of bread in the toaster and push the handle down.  When I finished preparing the dinner, she was walking across the room with her toast in her hand.

I asked her where was my piece of toast.  And she said, ‘I don’t know’.  Then she turned to walk on to the table.  I thought to myself, ‘what do you mean, you don’t know.  How can you not know.’   So I asked again where was my piece of toast.  She turned and looked me directly in the eye and said again, ‘I don’t know.’  Well, that was probably the silliest thing I had ever heard.  She was obviously through with the conversation, but I knew I had another piece of bread somewhere and it wasn’t in the toaster.  So where was it.

I looked in the toaster again, looked all around the cabinet, looked across the room at the other cabinet and started to get down on the floor and look under the cabinet.  Instead, I asked again, ‘where is my piece of toast’.  In exasperation, my daughter turned to me again and said, ‘I DON’T KNOW!’.

Well, you can’t just lose a piece of toast.  I have been reading newspapers forever and I have never seen an article that says, ‘lady loses toast’.  It had to be here somewhere.   I pulled the toaster out from the wall and looked behind it.  Not there either.  Again, I was about to get down on hands and knees and look under the cabinet.  Instead, I raked my hand along the back of the toaster and the piece of toast fell down on the cabinet.

Somehow, some way, the toast had popped out of the push down toaster and wedged itself  onto the back of the toaster.  When I pulled the toaster out, it had remained stuck to the back of the toaster.  But when I raked my hand along the back of the toaster, it fell down onto the cabinet.

See, I really am not that crazy. Just a little looney now and then.  But like I said, when have you heard of anyone losing a piece of toast.  I was about to call the local news stations and ask them to run a story about my lost toast.  Luckily, I found it before I got to the telephone.

I’ll laugh about this one for awhile.  I have a whole pile of laughable stuff in my head.  Helps to pass the days sometimes when it really is looney around here.



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