12 08 2011

Well, surprise! surprise!  Reporters said on the news tonight that gasoline prices would be going down by about $.50 a gallon pretty soon.  That is great.  Now, I want to know why they went up in the first place.  Whose idea was that.  Who was it that decided that the American people needed to pay more for their gasoline all of a sudden.  And now then, they are going to lower the prices and no one really knows why the prices went up or why they are going down.  Sounds sort of fishy to me.  Wonder who will benefit from this.  And who benefitted from the prices going up.  Just wondering about such things, especially with the charged up political scene these days.

Just have to watch what is going on and make up my own mind.  I will definitely vote Republican no matter what because I understand their ideas.   But gona’ have to come up with someone better than I have seen so far.

Oh well, enjoy the break in the gasoline prices – for awhile anyway.  Until it will benefit someone to raise them again.



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