10 08 2011

Has the whole world gone crazy?  What is wrong with people these days?   I am wondering if I got off the bus at the wrong stop.  Surely there is a better place than this one right now.

I just heard on the television news that another young boy died today from heat stroke after practicing football.  What a waste.  How stupid.  There are no words to explain enough what a horrible, unnecessary death this is.

I know of a boy who was in perfect health, 13 years old, great shape.  He went out for football for his very first time ever.  While practicing the first day, he asked his coach for a drink of water and was told that it would be later before he could have one.  By the time the practice was over and the boy went home, his father knew he was not o.k.  The boy took a shower to help him cool off.  And then he was sent to the hospital.  He was flown to a larger hospital and died here two weeks later after much, much agony over why, why, what reason is there for this unspeakable death.

Last year here in my small town, I read of one boy whose mother picked him up from practice and realized he was not o.k.  She took him to the emergency room where he was treated and released.  Later on, she took him back again and he was saved.  Another boy had left the school and walked around the building where he collapsed.  He was walking home, I assume.  A delivery man saw him and called for help.  He was saved, too.

But several others have died this year in the various schools around the state.  Why?  What reason? It is a simple game.  Nothing more.  A GAME!!!  Stop!  Consider what you are doing to these boys and to their families.  No reason whatsoever for this outrageous problem.

Last year I picked up one of my grandsons from practice.  While I waited in the burning heat, the coach had the boys stand outside for another 10 minutes in full gear while he talked to them.  Then he had them to run up and down a nearby hill several times.  I was surprised no one passed out before they were through.  My grandson said that this year, they do not have to wear full pads in the heat.  And they can get a drink of water anytime they need one.  At least that is a beginning.

I understand football is being practiced in Dallas at midnight.  Even that is ridiculous, but at least the boys aren’t dying.  And I have heard and read of a pill the boys can take that allows the coaches to monitor their bodily temperature at all times.  But my point is why in the first place?  Why do this?

Why is it necessary that they practice at all this time of year when the temperatures are above 110 some days.  Why all the emphasis on the extracurricular activities and so little on the necessary subjects.  I understand children are not being taught anything of our remarkable history of this great country, but all the boys are playing sports and the girls are practicing cheerleading and dance routines constantly.  What is the point of all this.

Has the whole world gone crazy?  Is everyone on some kind of glory trip where they cannot see the forest for the trees?  Maybe somewhere someone can get some common sense going.  Save our children.  Football and baseball and soccer are JUST GAMES!!!!  Not worth dying for. Ever




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