9 08 2011

Hi again:  I think I have blogged about this one before but it still needs repeating a million times over.  The key word in this world is RESPONSIBILITY!!!!

There is nothing to compare it to.  I once knew a young father who taught his children the word Responsibility when they were very young.  And they were taught while still young to be responsible for all that they did.  This meant when they were old enough they picked up their toys, put away their clothes, took care of their belongings, and when age appropriate did their daily chores.

This also meant they learned very early to be responsible for their own behavior.  They didn’t have temper tantrums over every little whim.  They didn’t scream and yell at WalMart like so many of the children do.   As I said, they learned from early on to be RESPONSIBILE for their own lives and their own actions.  They still are.  They are very careful with their small amount of money.  They are very kind to others.  They do their chores without whining or complaining all the time.   And they take care of their belongings very well.  

Why don’t the adults of today practice a little responsibility in their lives.  I know the answer to that one.   It is because their parents never taught them to be responsible for anything they ever did.  That is why they do not take care of their belongings and in many cases do not feel it is necessary that they even have a job much less be responsible for doing that job right.  They are not responsible for providing for themselves, expecting instead to be on the ‘dole’ for the rest of their days.  

But the worse part is that they are not responsible for their own children.  They drag them from one place to another.  The children are fed by the community, clothed by the community and schooled by the community.   The parents do not feel any responsibility towards anything.

I personally think it is time we demanded some responsibility from this class of people.  It is time they provided their own food and shelter and clothing.  It is time they got a job.  Might not be what they would like, but then so what.  Most people have to start out doing some job they really don’t like.  That is how they get that magic word called ‘experience’.  Then that leads from one job to another over time.  And if that person is Responsible and wants to do better,  he will perform his job well no matter what it is.  This is called being Responsible.

High time we had some RESPONSIBILITY in this world.  

And we certainly could use some responsibility from our politicians and those in charge.   But that is another blog for another day.

Remember the Key Word is RESPONSIBILITY.   Tell it to everyone you know.