22 06 2011

I am certainly not a Theologian in any sense of the word and don’t want anyone to think that I know much, but thought you might enjoy having this little bit of information.

I grew up in a Protestant church where The Blessed Virgin Mary was never mentioned except at Christmas time and then in the same sentence with the Infant Jesus.  I became a Catholic at the age of 21 or so and did not and really could not accept The Blessed Virgin Mary as anyone very special in my life.  I respected her greatly, but really had no connective feeling towards her.  But in raising children and particularly my retarded child, I began to turn to The Blessed Virgin because I needed her.  I needed that connection because I knew She would understand what I needed and wanted for my children.   After all, She had already been there in Her life and just look what She had managed to endure as Jesus’ Mother.  So, after one particularly bad day, I found myself kneeling beside the bed of my sleeping daughter and begging The Blessed Virgin to please help me through this particular time.  And She did.  And She has ever since then.  So I have a very close feeling towards The Blessed Virgin now.

I am telling this for a purpose.  Just stay with me for a few more minutes.  Many years ago, our country,  the United States of America was Consecrated to The Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  This means our country was actually placed within Her Heart to be protected from all harm.  This might be hard to believe, but it is most definitely true.  I know most people feel that if that were so, why do we have so many problems here.  But problems can be allowed and we are still kept safe and protected.  After all, we really have not had a war here.  And most of the time, most of us live a pretty good life.

At the turn of the century into the year 2000, a lot of people expected a ‘big bang happening’ because so many people felt that at last Jesus Christ was coming.  Well, those of us who have studied some of  The Blessed Virgin’s apparitions know that She has been given the job of preparing us all for this Second Coming of Christ.  You have to really look for the changes, but they are there.  Look how many people have been recently caught and jailed because they have lied, cheated, stole, or committed crimes against their fellow man.  Every day you can read it in the papers, hear it on television, or on the radio that someone else has been caught for whatever they have done many years ago.  And that number is increasing almost every day.

So, my point is, don’t worry much about what is going on politically or nationally or even locally with regard to this country.  The Blessed Virgin is in charge of our country and She will keep us all safe from all harm.  Just watch and wait.  She is now in the process of cleaning house and preparing us all for that time.

Watch!  You will begin to see the changes.  Turn to The Blessed Virgin Mary with your requests and your prayers.  She will definitely help  you each and every day.  And then She will lead you gently on in your life.