20 06 2011

Sometimes  I feel like I would like to go home.  Only home is different places at different times.  Right now, I sure would like to go home, back to when my children were all at home, under my feet every day, full of questions and fun and laughter.  I really don’t want to go back to that time, but it would feel nice to be there for a while.  In my kitchen in the afternoons when the school day was over, the children all came in, plopping down their school books, grabbing a snack and talking fast as could be.

I miss that moment and that laughter as they each came home.  I miss the younger ones looking so forward to the older ones coming in the door.  I miss the afternoon snack around the table and the constant chatter as they talked about all their interests for the day.  It was really a lot of fun.  And I enjoyed every single moment of it.  Such a great experience.  God has been so good to me to allow me to have those six children and to be able to care for them every day and to relish the moments we all shared.

My husband traveled a great deal so most of the time I was on my own.  I never really minded that at all.  It was nice to plan my days and do as I pleased, not having to make sure I looked great in the evenings, etc.  I love to read and would sit on the deck and read all I wanted to.  Then I could plan to do my washing or my ironing or vacuuming as I pleased.  It was not unusual to see me dusting at midnight if I chose to.  I never was much of a tv watcher so I did not have to sit down frequently and watch the boob tube.  I just enjoyed whatever I was doing at the time.

I cooked a lot and fed those children great meals without a lot of fuss and bother.  We enjoyed one another or at least I think we did.  I would have liked to sit down and play card games with them but that was virtually impossible in my home as the little children were always interrupting and not really understanding why we were at the table and excluding them.   So we never got to do that much.

But in thinking about it all today, I sure would like to go home.  But as they say, ‘home is where the heart is’ so guess I am already home all the time.  My heart is truly full of happiness as I think about those wonderful days.