17 06 2011

Along about 1957 or so, there was a massive survey done in this country.   The results were astounding.  They told us via newspapers, television, radio, and anything else handy, that everyone was involved in extra-marital sex.  It was rampant all over the country.  No doubt about it.  And not with just one or two partners but with dozens.  Why, everyone was doing it every day.  I don’t know how the housewives were working it all in between washing all those loads of clothes.  At that time, they were still hanging their clothes on the line, so they really had to get with it in order to do all their housework including washing and drying the dishes and cooking three meals a day.  And now, they all were involved in extra-marital sex.  I guess out by the clotheslines.

I lived in a very nice neighborhood and no one I ever knew was involved in extra-marital sex.  All our husbands were traveling salesmen. And not a single one of them had time nor money nor interest in extra-marital sex.  I don’t know who was doing all this, but obviously someone was.  Why?  Because that survey said so.

Anyway, the survey was touted everywhere.  Every time we turned on the television set, it was being reported again.  And the radio was full of this stuff.  And newspapers had it plastered all over the front page every morning.

And then, after all that publicity, all that noise, the survey was found to be a fraud, one great big lie.  The survey was tainted from the beginning, but was reported anyway.  After it was found to be fraudulent, the television, the radio, and the newspapers were all very quiet.  They never made all that noise about the survey again.  They didn’t bother to tell the public that the survey was a fraud and all our neighbors were NOT out having extra-marital sex.  They didn’t say over and over again that the survey did not depict American society as it really was.  We were all very nice people. We were family oriented and happy with our daily lives.   Oh, no, they never bothered saying any of that.

But the one big thing that the survey did for America was to make sex a popular subject.  No one had ever talked of sex publicly before, but they most certainly did now.  Every television show had some sort of sex remark somewhere in it.  Every radio show had the same.  It was all so funny.   Why, everyone laughed at the innuendos.  It was just hilarious.  But the survey had opened the door now and no one could ever shut it again.   Isn’t that a shame.  We went from a very innocent society to one of innuendos and hidden remarks.  What a shame.

Personally, I preferred the innocence of society.  It was pretty nice back then.  Although every adult was well aware of sex and its ramifications, we still didn’t find it necessary to always be talking about it or making jokes.  Yes, it was pretty nice.




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