9 06 2011

I have not traveled a lot in my lifetime, but enough to know that the United States of America is absolutely and positively the best place in the whole wide world.  Or at least it has been.  Not so sure with all the stuff in Washington these days.

But getting back to the subject, when I went anywhere to the south of the United States, the living conditions were deplorable.  Mud everywhere in almost every place.  Dirt floors in the dwelling places.  In the Amazon area, there were no windows or doors on the homes, dirt floors, mats for sleeping, no means of keeping clean anywhere.  Washing was done outside.  I’ll take my place right here any day of the year.

Then in St. Petersburg, Russia, it is like walking back into the 1920’s.  Electric wires strung above and across all the streets.  Old worn out trucks bringing the food to the neighborhood.  Women dressed in their long coats and head scarfs buying from the street vendor.  This is the way they  bought their milk and their bread and other things they needed on a daily basis.  Everyone looks unhappy and I guess they probably are.  They have no idea how wonderful it is to live in the United States.

We went into their so-called museum where they kept their precious keepsakes.  There was a lady sitting in each room in a rocking chair and watching everyone who came into that particular room.  They were so afraid someone might steal something, like they had anything to steal in the first place.  Their precious items were very sparse and almost non-existent.  Very little of any value.  I saw one ‘grand ballroom’ that was about the size of a large living room.  Paintings on the walls were very nice, but except for that, there was nothing of any value in the room.

As we came out of that particular museum, there was a small band to greet us.  They were playing ‘Hello Dolly’ and waiting for the Americans to donate something in their hat.

The guide told us most people live in apartments with several other families.  I sure would not want to do that.  And, he said, the quarters were very cramped.  But this was the best they had to offer.

I don’t know about you, but I am so grateful to Almighty God that I live in this wonderful country.  How lucky we are.  Thank You, Dear God.




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