6 06 2011

HI just thought I would tell you that I am almost through writing another book.  And my books are very good.  This one is called The Real Story.  I have a chapter on my husband who was a recovering alcoholic and very, very successful in his life.  It chronicles his real story.  The next chapter is about my father who was in the state administration at the time of the 1957 Little Rock crisis.  It tells the real story of that one, too.  And then I have written the real story as I have seen it happen over the years from the baby boomers to the present time.  And what changes there have been!

Just thought I would let you know in advance so you can be looking for it – someday.  All my books are available on Amazon.  I have one on kindle and all  can be ordered from Amazon.  I do not plan on putting those others on kindle right now.  Will later.  But this new one will appear first on kindle and then as a published book to be ordered from me.

Have a great evening and hope the weather is not too bad where you are.



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