5 06 2011

Haven’t gotten to write much lately, because I’ve been busy playing that summertime game called ‘try to get air conditioning fixed’.  The weather man talks all the time  about how this is the hottest year since whenever.  I could have told him that anyway.  When the air conditioning goes out, it is always during the hottest day of the year since whenever. Had several people come out and look at the unit to get it fixed.  The latest company wanted to enlarge the hole in my attic so they could get some sort of tool up there.  That would only entail a carpenter to cut the hole, a sheet rock man to fix the ceiling and a painter to finish the job and that would only be the beginning.  Then I would have to buy a new air conditioning unit plus all the extras for that.  I could see this job stretching into the next year.  Don’t think that would work with me.

So I finally had someone come out and try to fix it enough so it would run.  They worked on it all day yesterday and when they left, the air in the house got hotter an hotter over the afternoon.  It was time to go to Mass and so I decided to wait until I came back before calling them again.  After Mass, we drove to the local drive-in and ordered a sandwich.  The speaker would not work and the lady taking the orders couldn’t hear me.  Then when I finally convinced her as to what I wanted, I tried to use my credit card and the machine wouldn’t take it.  By this time, I was laughing at the whole day.  Might just as well laugh.  Beats crying.

Then the girl delivered the order and while she was talking to me, a piece of their sign fell off and hit her on the arm.  She just looked at me already laughing and started laughing herself.  Then she said, ‘well guess it just wasn’t my time’.   I really laughed then and laughed all the way home.

When I got home, the house was  pretty warm.  In fact, it was just plain hot.  Called the repairman once again.  He came out and looked at it, smiled and left.  Then he came back today and tried once again to fix it.  It was still running hot.  He finally ran some new wiring somewhere, probably from the main utility office  downtown.  But by now, I do not care where or what or when.  Just fix the !!@@##$ thing.

Now it is fixed and the house is cooling down.  Sure am spoiled these days.   But that’s just the way it is.  By now, I could have melted away.  But ‘guess it just isn’t my time yet.’