31 05 2011

In the 1950’s when the television became very popular everywhere in the nation, we only got the news.  strictly news. no comments, nothing else.  Then towards the end of the 50’s, we began to get commentary along with the news.  At first this was very welcome and really interesting.  Then it became opinionated commentary and the more time has gone on, the more opinionated it is.  Most people do not realize how this has progressed over the years.

In today’s media, we are only getting part of the story most of the time.  I get a lot more truth from the newspaper than I do from the television set.  If the media is not in favor of someone or something, then it is not reported.   Also, it must be newsworthy in order to be hammered into our brains.   In other words, most people do not realize or do not really know but the media is in charge of  twisting and turning your mind until you agree with their point of view.

Mr. Clinton is an excellent example.  He came along, not known anywhere in the country and managed to get elected President.  Know how?  Because the media recognized him as their candidate.  He was young, vibrant, interesting, and had a style that wouldn’t quit.  He was news!  He was just what they needed. They turned this nobody into the most desired candidate in years.  John F. Kennedy was another example.  Interesting, young, vibrant, had that charisma that everyone was looking for.  Nixon didn’t stand a chance.  And only what is good is ever reported about the media’s choice.  No matter how much bad the candidate may have done, only the good is ever seen by the public.  Unless and until they cannot hide it anymore.

Donald Trump is a more recent example.  They made fun of him at every turn, set him up several times and ridiculed him.  I don’t think that had anything to do with his dropping out of the race, but if he had stayed in it, he would have had to overcome all that constantly.   Not sure I could have done that myself.

Sarah Pahlin is another example.  No matter what she says or does, she is ridiculed.  Her family included.  Either the press is completely ignoring her one day, or they are ridiculing her another day.  No good reporting about whatever she says or does.

I am anxious to see who the press picks out for the Republican candidate.  Because they will do the picking for all of us by touting that person’s abilities.  And it won’t be pretty.  Unless it is someone they are backing, they will only report what is ridiculous about them and then we will be hung with Obama once again.

Pay attention to how much the press changes your mind about everything.  Pay attention to their attitudes and their remarks about everything.  They have it down really good.  And unless you are constantly aware of this, you don’t stand a chance with your own opinions.  Think about it.